Viper Zero One Flight Sim Center

Every kid ever dreams to be a pilot. The epitome of all this is to be a fighter pilot.
Only for the very few the fulfillment of this dream is a reality.
At the present time it’s no longer a boys dream.
Women dream about a future as a pilot too, and as with men, some achieve this dream.

For whom

The Viper Zero One concept is aimed at all young people and adults who want to experience what it is like to be a fighter pilot. In addition Viper Zero One also focuses on the group of fanatical simulator pilots who try to simulate the world of flying, often with limited means in their home environment. Finally Viper Zero One focuses on the business market by offering team building events and other arrangements.

What it is

Viper Zero One is an experience. After entering the Viper Zero One building the "want to be pilot" will pass the "quartermaster" to receive the required clothing and equipment. Then follows the change into the pilot’s kit. For the newcomers there is a brief instruction on the operation of the F-16 flight simulator. After this instruction follows the mission briefing in which the details of the simulated flight
are discussed. Next, the sim-pilot straps in the simulator for the flight. A typical flight will last approximately 50 minutes. After the debriefing (what went well, what could be better) the sim-pilot can review his impressions in the "Officers Mess", the catering facility that is included in the concept.

Real Life Simulation

Viper Zero One takes the visitor into the world of the F-16 fighter pilot. The visitor must book his/her simulated flight in advance. For this purpose the "Flight Schedule" is maintained to provide an overview of the booked simulator slots. These can be individual or group reservations.
Viper Zero One provides for twelve interconnected F-16 simulators, making it possible to fly simulated missions in a group. Each simulator can also be used individually. All relevant functions that are implemented in the real F-16 are recreated in these simulators. The visitor can use the simulator for recreational purposes. But the simulators are also employable for competitive groups.
The images of the virtual world around the simulator are projected on a curved screen, 180 degrees around the cockpit. This provides sufficient image size to deliver a as close to reality as possible experience for a reasonable price. All simulators are of the "non-motion" type. Therefor costly hydraulics are not necessary.

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